What is Coinbase and how much does it cost to use?

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2014 03:27PM PDT
Coinbase is a simple and secure online bitcoin wallet for sending, receiving, and storing bitcoin. Coinbase also allows you to buy and sell bitcoin using a bank account, or use our tools to accept bitcoin as a merchant.

Coinbase is different from other bitcoin services and wallets in several ways:
  • We focus on making bitcoin easy to use for non-technical users.  This means we avoid asking users to deal with private keys, encryption, or any topics they might be unfamiliar with.
  • We make buying and selling bitcoin using a bank account easy.
  • We handle security and backups so you don't have to worry about losing your device or forgetting to back it up.
  • We are a "one stop shop" - we offer a wallet, an exchange, and merchant tools with one simple interface.
  • Coinbase is a platform on which many bitcoin applications are being built using our API.

Coinbase charges just a 1% fee (plus a $0.15 bank fee) for each transfer from bitcoin to dollars or from dollars to bitcoin. Sending or receiving bitcoin between online wallets, friends, or merchants is free and always will be.

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