What happens if a merchant payment window expires?

How long until the payment window expires?

When a customer pays for an item via Coinbase Commerce, there is a 15 minute window until the payment expires. If no payment has been made within that window, the order will expire and a new one will need to be created. 

What happens if a payment is received after the window has expired?

If a customer pays a merchant after the 15 minute window has closed, a few things happen:
  1. Since cryptocurrency is a push payment and permissionless the payment will still be processed by the decentralized network. Coinbase Commerce will see that a payment has been made after the payment window has expired and will mark the payment as delayed.
  2. Coinbase Commerce will send an email to the merchant to notify them about the payment..

Even though the payment window has lapsed, the merchant is still responsible for contacting the customer and determining whether to issue a refund or fulfill the order

Do I receive a webhook notification for payments received outside the payment window?:

Since the customer didn't pay within the 15-minute window, Coinbase Commerce will not have sent the merchant any webhook notifications. This means that if the merchant is counting on these notifications to complete the order fulfillment or refund process, they'll have to manually perform this step instead.


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