What mobile devices does Coinbase support?

We aim to to make digital currency fast and simple to use, and that means providing our users mobile capability. The Coinbase mobile app is available on iOS and Android at this time. 

 What do I do if my device doesn’t support iOS 12?
If your device doesn’t support iOS 12, you can still use coinbase.com on your phone or a computer. It supports the same features and functionality as the iOS application.

Will my app continue to work on iOS 10? 
Yes, your app will continue to work. For the latest features and functionality in the future, we recommend updating your device to iOS 12 or using coinbase.com

Do I have to upgrade if I am using iOS 11?
No, the Coinbase app will continue to work on iOS 11. However, we recommend updating to the latest version of iOS 12 so that your device has the latest security updates and enhancements for the best Coinbase experience.


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