How can I contact Coinbase Support?

Dec 22, 2016
Our team is always ready to assist via email, live chat, and Twitter. We believe these support mediums work best for the evolving needs of our customers. The option to live chat will be displayed at the bottom of our contact page when an agent is available.

The Coinbase Community is also available for peer-to-peer support, although our staff are not actively providing support there.

Focusing on online support channels enables us to keep a comprehensive record of all of your inquiries. Nothing is lost in translation between agents or if we need to escalate an issue to our engineers. Coinbase facilitates frequent communication between our support and product teams, resulting in quicker and more accurate support. For these reasons we choose not to offer inbound phone support.

We understand some people simply prefer phone support. Sometimes you just want to talk to a real person. However, rest assured we are real people who love answering questions, are excited about this new technology, and can't wait to help!


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