How to Enable a Webcam

How to enable a webcam

Built in webcam

  • Open device manager
  • Double click on image devices
  • Select webcam (should be listed)
  • Refresh Coinbase page and the option should now appear

External webcam

  • Install the webcam according to instructions
  • Make sure USB is connected
  • Open device manager
  • Select webcam (should be listed)
  • Refresh Coinbase page and the option should now appear

Tips for a successful ID Upload 

Troubleshooting tips for uploading and verifying your ID:

  • Photos of your ID can be uploaded. They do not have to be taken by the webcam. Try using your phone camera or a scanner to take clear pictures of the ID.
  • Take the picture in a well lit area. Natural light works best.
  • Try to use indirect light for your ID to avoid glare.
  • If your webcam can be moved, try setting the ID flat on a tabletop and moving the camera instead of moving the ID.
  • Try to have a plain background, like a white piece of paper. Holding it in your fingers can confuse the focusing lens.
  • Use an up-to-date version of the Chrome browser.
  • Clear your browser cache, restart the browser, and try again.
  • Wait 30 minutes between attempts.

Tips for your selfie:

  • Make sure light is coming from in front of you, not behind you, so your face is clearly visible.
  • Face the camera directly and try to include from the shoulders to the top of your head.
  • Try to have a plain wall as a background.
  • Try to have indirect light and no backlight.
  • Do not wear sunglasses or hats during this process.
  • If you were wearing glasses in your ID photo, try wearing them in your selfie photo. If you were not wearing glasses in your ID photo, try removing them for your selfie photo.

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