Photo ID verification


Photo ID verification Troubleshooting


Depending on the circumstances in which you are being asked to verify your ID we have different requirements. The first part of this article applies to all verification processes.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips for uploading and verifying your ID: 

- Click here to check out our video troubleshooting tutorial

- Go to

- Take the pictures in a well lit area, natural light works best. 

- Tilt the ID slightly to help reduce blur or glare from the device

- If you are going to use a webcam for the ID photos, try to use indirect light to avoid glare.

- Ensure your browser has permission to access the webcam.

- Ensure your browser's Flash plugin is enabled and working.

- Use an up-to-date version of the Chrome browser while in incognito mode.

- Clear your browser cache, restart the browser, and try again.

- Make sure the app or program you use to take the pictures does not add any extra designs or watermarks.

- Make sure all of the ID is visible. Covering any of the ID will not work.

- Wait 30 minutes between attempts.

- If you make a mistake refresh the page to start the process over as opposed to completing the process with an error.



If you are submitting a photo ID along with a real-time "selfie":


* We generally require this for any account recovery process or to expedite delayed transactions

In order to verify your identity, we need:

  1. A photo of the front of your ID.

  2. A photo of the back of your ID.

  3. A real-time "selfie" image of your face as it appears in your ID, which must be taken using a webcam on a computer or laptop and *cannot* be uploaded or taken with the mobile app. A tablet may or many not work.

 - If you have trouble with this process, trying different devices may help.

If you are submitting a photo ID alone:

* We generally require this to update and further verify one's account

Because we need the image of your ID to be as high quality as possible, we suggest you use your smartphone to take that image as it is often a better camera than a webcam. If you have a color scanner available, these also provide excellent images.


- The link to upload your ID can be found here:

- Try the ID upload via the Mobile App - most customers have success using this method

- Try the upload using the Mobile Camera option found after selecting your ID type at
- If upload fails when utilizing the mobile app, try switching to cellular data from WiFi or vice versa
- All documents used for the ID verification upload must be current, valid, and a supported ID type.

-  For US customers, we can only accept state-issued photo ID's such as a driver license. A passport is not a form of ID verification we accept for US customers, since it does not verify you for a specific US _state_.


For information on changing the country on your account:


If you are not able to provide a valid ID for a country, it will not be possible to verify you for that country. At this time, you may only be verified in a country for which you have a valid ID which is supported by our system.


*In the United States only,* this means that _you must have a valid state ID._ Unfortunately, a US passport is not a form of ID verification we accept for the US, since it does not identify you for a specific US _state_. You will need to obtain a state-issued ID card or driver license to complete verification in the US.


If you would like more information on how the country on your account can be changed, please see this support article:



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