How do I integrate Coinbase with my account?

May 20, 2017
Mint has integrated with Coinbase so you can now track your Coinbase accounts on Mint. If you’re running into issues integrating your account with Mint, we recommend trying the following steps. Note: Mint is not currently using OAuth2.

Generate API Keys for your Coinbase account

  • Login into your Coinbase account at
  • Navigate to your API settings page at
  • Create an API key by clicking the “+ New API Key” button
  • If prompted, input a two-factor-verification code
  • You should see a page pop-up with a list of custom permissions to select

  • Under the “Accounts” section, select “all”
  • Under "Permissions" section, select the following permissions under API v2 permissions  - wallet:accounts:read and wallet:transactions:read. Be sure to leave all checkboxes blank under API v1 permissions (legacy)
  • At the bottom click "Create"
  • Your newly generated API keys will be displayed. Get ready to copy these over to Mint!

Linking Your Coinbase account to Mint

Now we’ll login to Mint and enter the API keys there.
  • In a new tab, navigate to and login to your Mint account.
  • Click on "+ Add accounts":

  • Search for "Coinbase" and click on "Coinbase - Bitcoin Wallet"
  • Copy your newly generated API keys into the fields and click "Link Account"

If you did everything correctly, you’ll see the following: 

That’s it! You’ve successfully linked your Coinbase account to your Mint account. Cheers to fiscal responsibility.

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