How do I change my country or state?

If you have recently changed your residence or your account is set to an incorrect country or state, you can update this information from your Settings page. Please note, changing your country setting may affect the payment methods that are available to your account.

Country Change

Note: If you have a Coinbase Pro account, please contact us for help processing a country change. 

To update your country, please take the following steps: Note: When using your webcam to upload, you may be prompted to allow or deny access to your camera.

Please select 'Allow' then place your document in view and click 'Take snapshot'. You will need to do this for the front and back of your document. Now click 'Finish & start verification'. After a few minutes you should see the country change reflected in your account. 

While Coinbase is working hard to expand to additional countries, buy and sell functionality is not yet available everywhere. For a list of supported countries please visit the following page:


State Change

If you have recently moved to a state with support for the USD Wallet or the Shift Card there are two ways you can update that information in your Coinbase account.

You may upload an identification document issued in your new state of residence
. Once completed, the USD Wallet and Shift Card will become available.

Alternatively, you may update your address on this page: your address has been updated, please take a moment to reverify your identity in order to complete the state change process. 

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