European Instant Buys

European Instant Buys

Coinbase offers customers in Europe access to instant buys when purchasing with a valid debit card.

What is an instant buy?

Instant buys is the fastest and easiest way to buy digital currencies on Coinbase. This allows customers to make purchases immediately without missing opportunities due to market fluctuations.

Will my digital assets be in my account right away?

This depends on many factors. However, when buying digital assets via instant buys your price will be locked in immediately rather than waiting for funds to deposit in your account via other payment methods. . This allows you to have the opportunity to purchase digital assets immediately at the current market price.

How much does it cost?

Instant buys is a premium service. Please note you will be charged 2.5% in addition to the 1.49% standard conversion fee. You can learn more about fees here

What payment methods can I use to take advantage of instant buys?

This feature is only available for purchases made with a valid card due to the transaction speeds of the credit card networks.

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