Coinbase Bundles FAQ

The Coinbase Bundle is a new way to quickly and easily buy five cryptocurrencies available on Coinbase, according to their share of the market.* The bundle will initially be available to select identity verified customers in the US and Europe and can be purchased via desktop only. 

How Coinbase Bundles Work

What is the Coinbase Bundle?

The Coinbase Bundle is a selection of five cryptocurrencies supported on Coinbase, purchased in proportion to their USD market capitalization. The bundle will consist of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic in different ratios based on the market capitalization and price at the time of purchase.

You can find the Coinbase Bundle at

How are Coinbase Bundle allocations determined? 

The percent of each cryptocurrency in the bundle is determined by market cap. In other words, we allocate each of the five digital currencies based on the price of each currency multiplied by the supply of the currency in circulation at the time of the transaction.


Are there additional fees associated with a Coinbase Bundle purchase? 

The fees associated with purchasing the Coinbase Bundle are no different than purchasing the same amount of an individual cryptocurrency. Coinbase charges a 1.5% commission on the fiat value of each currency purchased. Purchasing the Coinbase Bundle is the least expensive way to buy all five cryptocurrencies at once, since you only pay one fee on the whole transaction.

Learn more about Coinbase Bundle fees.

How do I purchase the Coinbase Bundle?

At this time, purchasing a Coinbase Bundle is only available to select identity verified customers in the US and Europe. To complete a purchase of a Coinbase Bundle:
  1. Sign into your account at using a desktop computer only
  2. Navigate to the Coinbase Bundle page
  3. Input the amount (in your local currency) that you wish to purchase
  4. Select the desired payment method 
  5. Confirm the amount by clicking the Buy Coinbase Bundle button
  6. Review the confirmation screen and select Buy

Who can purchase a bundle?

Customers in the US, UK and Europe have access to purchase a bundle on Coinbase.

What kinds of payment methods can I use to buy a Coinbase Bundle?

  • GBP bank transfers
  • EUR bank transfers (via SEPA)
  • SEPA transfer

What is the price of a Coinbase Bundle? 

 At this time, the smallest Coinbase Bundle available is $25, £25, or €25. Coinbase Bundles are available in any amount greater than the minimum. 

There is no maximum purchase size for a Coinbase Bundle. However, Coinbase does limit daily purchase amounts on a per-customer basis. Your purchase limit is determined by your account funding sources and your verification limits.


What can I do with my Coinbase Bundle?

Where is my Coinbase Bundle?

After you purchase a Coinbase Bundle, each type of cryptocurrency will be stored in its respective Coinbase wallet (e.g., the share of the Bundle that is bitcoin will end up in your bitcoin wallet). You can buy, sell, send and receive each cryptocurrency as an individual asset. 

Where can I see how my Coinbase Bundle is doing?

Coinbase is not able track a specific Bundle’s aggregate performance at this time.

Can I sell my Coinbase Bundle? 

You will not be able to sell your Coinbase Bundle in a single transaction. Because each cryptocurrency is stored in its respective wallet, you will need to sell them as individual currencies. You can sell each individual currency into your Coinbase local currency wallet at any time you wish.

Can I send my Coinbase Bundle off the Coinbase platform?

Coinbase customers are welcome to send each currency individually, but a Coinbase Bundle cannot be sent in a single transaction.

* This content is being provided to you for informational purposes only. This content and any information contained therein, does not constitute a recommendation by Coinbase to buy, sell or hold any security, financial product or instrument referenced in the content.

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